Vincent Doherty at the World’s Room

Vincent Doherty

15 March, 2019

The Waverley, St Mary’s St, Edinburgh


Vincent Doherty was born and raised in Derry, but has lived in Dublin for the past 40 years. Hugely influenced by Derry’s Kevin Mitchell and Tyrone singer Geordie Hanna, other influences included “northern style” singers Paddy Tunney, Len Graham, Cathal McConnell and Sean Cochran. In 2015 he recorded his first CD “The High Walls of Derry” accompanied by some of Ireland’s finest traditional musicians. Vincent also plays the flute, and for many years taught Set Dancing at the Cobblestone, home of traditional music in Dublin. A retired Social Worker he lives in Dublin with his wife Linda and family.

Allan Taylor at the World’s Room

Allan Taylor Keith 2016 (3)

15th February, 2019

The Waverley, St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh


Raised on hearing traditional music and song in Tornaveen in rural Aberdeenshire,  Allan Taylor started singing traditional songs after entering the Buchan Hertiage Society competitions in 2006 and quickly got involved with the Traditional Music and Song Association in Aberdeen. Allan has a developed a wide repertoire of North East song from traditional ballads and Bothy Ballads to comic songs, he has taken second prize at the annual Champion of Champions’ Bothy Ballad Competition held in Elgin each year. He has been a guest as both singer and MC at many of the festivals and was the MC as well as a singer in the first TMSA Wee Red Book Concert at Celtic Connections.


Ellen and Kevin Mitchell at the World’s Room

kevin and ellen 2

18 January, 2019

The Waverley, St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh


Two lovely singers for January. Kevin Mitchell from Derry City has lived in Glasgow since 1967.  With his distinctive style he has taken his traditional repertoire, which is mainly based on the songs of his native Ulster, to many clubs and festivals, at home and abroad. Ellen Mitchell has also lived in Glasgow for many years, having returned there from the Argyll coast at age 6. Her repertoire is mainly traditional, with the occasional newer song. She has also been involved in a variety of performing and tutoring events. Kevin has recorded on Topic and Greentrax, Ellen on Living Tradition, and both featured on a double CD for Musical Traditions.

Change of guest for December 14

Photo: Kevin MacLeod


Change of guest – we are delighted that George Duff has agreed to step in after circumstances intervened. George’s prowess as a singer, widely known for some time of course, received official recognition earlier this month when he was nominated as Scots Singer of the Year at the Trad Music Awards. This on the back of a year which saw the release of the widely acclaimed ‘The Collier Laddie’, as he put it ‘my first, last and only solo album’.  Temporary change of venue as before – Scottish Storytelling Centre, 7.30pm.

Tracy Boyle at the World’s Room

Tracy Photo: Pete Heywood

14 December, 2018

Scottish Storytelling Centre, High St, Edinburgh

7.30 pm

Despite singing all through childhood and school, and growing up with traditional and folk music, Tracy Boyle didn’t come to back to it until finding herself at Keith Festival in the late 90s. A move to Edinburgh in 1997 brought her to the Scots Music Group singing classes, then the TMSA competitions at Keith, and so it went on. Since then, Tracy has been a guest at Keith and Kirrie Festivals, the Frank Harte Festival in Dublin (unexpectedly), the Celtic Connections Wee Red Book concert in 2017, and the Glasgow Ballad Workshop in 2018, and she has sung at fundraisers for Cullerlie Singing Weekend and Kirrie Festival. Tracy was the MC at The World’s Room for four years and can’t wait to retire so that she can spend all her time at singing weekends and sessions.

(NB temporary change of venue and earlier start time)



John Dickson at the World’s Room

John Dickson

Friday 16 November

The Waverley Bar, St Mary’s St, Edinburgh


John Dickson’s roots are in the coal mining community of Midlothian where he was born and grew up. He then moved to the Scottish Borders in 1970 and took part in the local folk scene until he moved to Aberdeenshire in the early nineties. There he discovered a love of bothy ballad and traditional singing and competed in various competitions. He has made several appearances at the Bothy Ballad Champion of Champions in Elgin and won the title in 2011. John is a popular guest at various local festivals.

Susie Malcolm at the World’s Room


Friday 12 October

The Waverley Bar, St Mary’s St, Edinburgh


Susie Malcolm grew up on a farm in Aberdeenshire, the youngest of four children born in four years who liked to create havoc on the long drives between Highland Games events around Scotland. To try to bring calm, her dad, singer and heavyweight athlete Charlie Allan, would sing bothy ballads to them. It didn’t really work, but it did instil in Susie a love of folk song, and she started to attend folk clubs while in her teens. By her early 20s she was entering TMSA singing competitions and occasionally winning something, though not usually. Her stand-out success was winning the Bothy Ballad singing at Auchtermuchty, and Susie thinks she was the first woman to do so. Over the past two decades Susie’s singing has mainly been as a ‘two-for-one’ addition to gigs by her husband Jim Malcolm, for whom she sings harmonies and occasionally takes the lead. She still loves to sing unaccompanied Scots song and looks forward to a chance to sing – and listen to you – at the Waverley